5 Steps to Get Moving

Now that you’ve been on this 30-Day Reset for 20 days and your Tiger Blood has kicked in, it’s time to get moving. Many people think I’m crazy for enjoying exercise, but I’ll be honest with you, there are days I just don’t feel like rolling out of bed at 5:00 am to make it happen. It’s not always easy, but I’m not the type that likes to take the easy way out. “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.” Hebrews 23:11 Over the years I have realized just how important it is to move, strengthen and take care of this one and only body my Creator has given me.

Getting started is always the most challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 5 Tips for Choosing to start Moving today:

1-Pick something you enjoy. There are so many things you can do to move. Think beyond the scope of a gym. I understand paying that monthly fee for some is the key to your commitment, but for others starting out, let’s think outside the box. It could be gardening, walking, yoga, dancing, cleaning, tennis, playing with your kids, kayaking, golfing, swimming, skiing, walking your dog, horseback riding, cutting wood, hiking. Pick something that interest you! 

2-Find an accountability partner. Find a friend, a spouse, a co-worker or ME to be your accountability partner. It’s much harder to roll over and hit snooze if someone else is depending on you. Being a part of a community of like-minded individuals is encouraging. Your creator made you to belong to a group and not be isolated.

3-Start Low and Slow – don’t set out to run a marathon or max out on squats your first few months. You will only set yourself up for failure and will likely be unable to move because your muscles are screaming at you or you injure yourself. The goal should be to work up to 30 minutes of activity 5 times per week. I like to use running as my example, because I enjoy running. But when I started running, there was absolutely no way I could run 30 minutes straight. How did I start? I ran from one light pole to the next and then walked. Repeat. That’s it. Ok, I didn’t exactly run, it was probably a jog or a waddle, but I was moving and pushing myself to be uncomfortable. Then I worked my way up to running for a few minutes. Eventually I was able to run much longer, much more comfortable and it’s something I enjoy.

4-Make it a priority. You have to, there is no negotiating here! Just like anything else that’s important to you, you schedule it in your day and make it a priority. My day looks like this. I wake up, make a cup of coffee, spend time in the word and prayer, then work out. I do it first thing in the morning before anyone else is up in my house so I don’t get distracted and come up with a million excuses on why I can’t exercise. If I wait until after work, there is about a 90% chance it won’t happen. Are you ready for some tough love? Don’t give me an excuse that you are too busy. Everyone is busy. It’s only 30 minutes of your day. What could you give up for 30 minutes a day that is less important than caring for your body? Maybe TV? Social Media? According to a survey, internet users are now spending an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes per day on social networking and messaging platforms. What??? And according to a Nielsen report, United States adults are watching an average of 5 hours of television a day. That’s 35.5 hours per week and slightly more than 77 days per year. Don’t tell me you don’t have time. I understand that there may be some days that you just can’t fit it in, but make it your mindset that those days are the exception, not the norm.

5 – Have Realistic Expectations – I’m not asking you to take up body building or complete an iron man. I’m just asking that you give your body what it needs and that’s movement. Your body was meant to move. The word “go” is in the Bible 1542 times and the word “stay” is in the Bible 62 times. Go required moving by foot somewhere, some place to do something that wasn’t always easy or comfortable or convenient. Having too high of expectations or unrealistic expectations can set yourself up for failure. The more naturally you can move the better. Park your car in the back of the parking lot and walk, clean your own home, have a garden, get up and walk across the office to the printer. Think about all the conveniences we have now that weren’t here 100 years ago that reduce the amount of movement we have to do in a day. 

Would you like more on coming up with a movement plan that works for you? Need more encouragement, ideas or an accountability partner? Send me a PM and lets chat. 

Lisa McQuillen