It's not about the fish!


When I shared with people I was going on a week-long fishing trip for some reason I got this awkward look and they always asked “Really and do you fish?” Here is evidence that I do fish! But more importantly I finally had to ask my husband, do I have something written on my forehead that says I don’t look like a girl that likes to fish? Of course, my husband was kind and graceful in his reply and said, “No Honey, it’s just that most girls don’t like to fish.” I finally got it and so here it goes. He was right, I don’t necessarily love fishing, at least not like my 12-year old son that could spend the rest of eternity casting and reeling in his pole. Most kids get grounding from electronics, but not this kid. His worst nightmare would be having to go a day without fishing. I don’t have that kind of love for fishing, but here is what I do love about fishing.


I enjoy spending time with my husband and son doing what they love to do. Seeing the pure joy on their face when they reel in a big one or they try some new lure tactic that works, brings joy to my soul. Spending 8-10 hours a day on a 18 x 7 ft boat  (that’s only 126 sq ft) with the two people I love the most on this earth is fun. The conversations, jokes, singing and made up lyrics, the new nicknames we give each other, sharing memories, making memories and talking about our dreams and how God has been so good to us brings me joy. Being removed from the busyness of the “world” surrounded by God’s beauty is incredibly joyful and peaceful in my book. I mean really, the only care in the world is what kind of lure you should put on your pole to catch the next fish; a nightcrawler, a minnow or some bright orange buck tail jig (that’s what this northern was caught on), ha! I actually sound like I know what I’m talking about.  But seriously, have you ever been out in the middle of a body of water and just paused to take it all in. Take in all of God’s beautiful creation. The depths of the ocean, the millions of species of creatures that live below the water, the hills, the mountains and the trees. The sun, the clouds, the stars and the moon. I’m so grateful our God is creative and allows us to enjoy is creation. It always causes my mind to wander and imagine what heaven must be like.


There are a couple things that have made me realize that fishing is more of a man’s sport such as how in the heck does a lady go to the bathroom when you are trapped on a boat for 8 hours. I soon realized that’s why God made men fishermen and not women. Yah remember Peter, Andrew, James and John.  These were the two sets of brothers Jesus stopped them from their livelihood, in the middle of their days work (fishing and fixing nets) to follow him. Oh, but don’t worry, we got creative and made it work. There was no way my boys we were heading back in to let mom go to the bathroom when the fish were biting. But back to Peter, Andrew, James and John. They had spent all day fishing and came back to shore with nothing. It’s not like they were beginning fishermen like me, this was their livelihood. If you ever have the chance to spend a half day with a fishing guide you’ll get my point. Their job is to find fish for you. They know the lake like the back of their hand and they know how the wind, temperature, moon and air pressure affect the fish. I’m not so sure they had barometers back then, but still, these four men would have tried everything and searched every spot to catch a fish. Some of you may familiar with the rest of the story. After Jesus calls them to follow him, He puts their faith to the test right away. Their was no messing around. He tells them to cast their nets back out. Really? These men were tired from being out all night, bringing in their nets, likely frustrated that they didn’t catch any fish, but they did as they were asked and sure enough, Jesus did it again. Over the top did it again. They had so many fish in their nets that they began to break and snap as they brought the nets on to the boat. Can you imagine? Just when you had reached your rock bottom, ready to throw in the towel, you decide to listen to that voice that’s been tugging on your heart to make a change, take the leap of faith, do the impossible, the unlikely. Maybe it’s your relationship with your spouse, your child, a co-worker, friend, parent. Maybe you’ve hit rock bottom with an addiction, school, your finances, your health or the loss of a loved one. Maybe He is speaking to you right now and asking you to follow Him for the first time ever or maybe to recommit your life to following Him. It just may be the biggest over the top experience of your life.

After all, it’s not about the fish, but the journey to catch the fish!

Lisa McQuillen