Something I loved doing all of a sudden became a chore


I haven’t always enjoyed running. In fact, I remember the days when I first started running. I would run from one utility pole to the next and then walk or run from one city block to the next and then walk. Anyone who runs will tell you the same thing. The toughest part about running is getting started. But that’s with anything that’s worth it; getting started is the most difficult: A healthy relationship with a spouse or friend, starting a new job, moving to a new area you don’t know anyone, getting your finances in order, starting a new healthy eating lifestyle, and I have even experienced this in my journey as a Christian.

Three years ago I lost my love for running. I no longer looked forward to lacing up my shoes, heading out on the pavement and going to my happy place where I could let the noises of this world drift away. The thought of running made me want to crawl back in bed. Some of you reading this may have experienced the endorphins after a nice, hard work-out, also known as a “runner’s high”. This feeling was gone!

During this same time my husband and I were ready to start a family. We had been married for a year and God had not yet blessed us with children, so I decided to consult with a good friend of mine who is a chiropractor and more of an expert in the health world than I. I told her what was going on and she asked me a series of questions and recommended that I take a saliva test to see where my hormones where at. When there results came back she indicated that I had Adrenal Fatigue. I was like, Adrenal what?