Juicy ham with only 3 simple ingredients

This was my first attempt at baking a ham let’s just say it was delicious, juicy and healthy.

I went my local grocery store and asked the manager at the meat department to tell me about my options for hams. He was so helpful and very informative. My first choice was weather to have the bone left in or boneless. I chose the bone in to give the ham a better flavor. Then he shared with me the different brands of ham and to my pleasant surprise they had an option for a locally (Iowa grown) nitrate-free bone in ham. My insides were smiling and I wanted to give him a hug, but that would have been a little awkward the day before Thanksgiving when everyone else is doing their last minute Thanksgiving shopping. I refrained and he proceeded to tell me that it was one of the best flavored hams they carried and they this was the only time of the year they were available. My mind was made up!

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees

Cover the bottom of a large roasting dish with organic apple juice (no added sugars). Place the ham face down. Take 1/2 cup of local organic honey and a splash of apple juice in a sauce pan and heat until it has a smooth consistency. Spoon the honey and apple juice mixture over the top of the ham. Leave about 1/3 of the mixture for later basting.

Cover the roasting pan with either a lid and place in the oven. Approximately 20 minutes per pound of ham or until the ham reaches 160 agrees. When using a meat thermometer be sure not to place the thermometer next to the bone when taking the temperature.

Remove the ham from the oven. Spoon the remaining honey mixture and let set for 20 minutes.

Carve and serve!

Lisa McQuillen