What is the 30-day reset?


Are you tired of failing every diet you’ve ever tried only to gain the weight back after you realize what you were doing was not sustainable? Tired of counting calories, constantly feeling tired, foggy brain, aches and pains, night sweats? Ready to sleep better, gain more self confidence and most importantly THRIVE like your Creator designed you to?

Over the next 30 days you will be challenged mentally, physically and spiritually as you fuel your body with clean foods. You will notice changes that pale in comparison to shedding a few pounds. If you give yourself 30 days, because you ARE worth it, I believe you will experience spiritual, physical and emotional blessings!

I will teach you a new lifestyle that does not restrict, but gives you the knowledge to be empowered over your food choices for you and your family!

How to get started in THREE easy steps.

Step ONE:

Good news, reserving your seat in the 30-Day Reset is not going to break your bank. A simply investment of $30.00 will reserve your spot today.

Step Two:

It is difficult to keep any challenge exciting and interesting. I’m here for you! Click below to add yourself to the group list. You’ll get instructions, encouragement, recipes and more—directly to your mailbox. You will also receive your very own copy of The 30-Day Reset Book!

Step three:

I can’t wait for you to be part of the 30-Day Reset tribe! Change happens best in community! You don’t have to conquer food freedom and optimal wellness alone. We will climb this mountain together. Click below to add yourself to the online group. We connect through a Facebook Group called “30-Day Reset.”

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